Workout Plans for Men Over 40: Regain Vitality

workout plans for men over 40

After 40, men see their muscle and strength slowly drop and their general fitness lessen. This is a normal part of getting older. But, the bright side is that the right exercises can help you get back your drive and boost your health and fitness. These workouts are great for those aiming to win at strongman contests or just want to feel stronger and full of life.

As the years go by, our bodies change in ways that can affect how we move. Yet, by adding certain workouts and fitness plans into your life, you can fight the aging effects. Start caring for your body and valuing your health anytime. It’s never too late.

This piece looks at different exercises and plans just for men over 40. It doesn’t matter if you’re used to sports or new to them, these plans can work for you. They’re meant to help you get livelier, get stronger, and feel more fit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Men over 40 see their muscle and general fitness lessen.
  • The right workouts for men over 40 can bring back your drive.
  • Special exercise plans can beat the aging effects.
  • Doing fitness routines helps at all ages.
  • Caring for your body and health is key for living well.

Qualifying Round: Day Two Events

The second day was full of tough tests for the athletes. They had to show how strong they were and how long they could keep going. There were events like Globe Viking Press, Car Walk, and Stone Off. Athletes proved their muscle and never-give-up attitude.

In Globe Viking Press, they had to lift a heavy weight up. This tested their shoulders and arms. Car Walk made them carry a car for a distance, checking their power and holding on. And in Stone Off, moving heavy stones showed their true grit and strength.

These tests really pushed the athletes hard. It was not just about making it physically but also showing they had what it takes. Only the very best moved on to the final part of the competition.

2024 World’s Strongest Man Schedule

The finals of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man will happen over two days. This event shows off how strong and skilled the competitors are. They will tackle tough events to really test their limits.

  1. KNAACK Giants Medley: In this task, the competitors will show their might and stamina. They must carry and lift heavy objects.
  2. Max Axle Press: This competition puts the athletes’ arm strength to the test. They try to lift as much as they can with an axle bar.
  3. Keg Toss: Here, the competitors display their quick power. They throw heavy kegs over a bar.
  4. Reign Total Body Fuel’s Conan’s Wheel: The Conan’s Wheel challenge demands strength and balance. Athletes move a large, heavy wheel.
  5. BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift: In this challenge, it’s all about power. Athletes lift and hold heavy deadlifts.
  6. Atlas Stones: The last challenge has the athletes put heavy stones on platforms. It shows their overall strength and skill.

The exciting events will find the World’s Strongest Man of 2024. It’s sure to inspire those keen on getting fitter and stronger. The spirit and hard work of these athletes can push you to reach your fitness goals, no matter your age or level.

To stay strong and healthy in your 40s, working with fitness pros is key. They can help you with a workout plan that fits you exactly. With the right training, you too can keep up your strength and energy as you get older.

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The City also talks about health for men over 40. They have special ways to exercise that help them feel better, inside and out.


Guidelines for Health and Wellness Plans:

  1. Speak with a health pro to design a workout just for you.
  2. Do moves that make you stronger, more bendy, and keep your heart healthy.
  3. Lift weights to keep your muscles and bones strong.
  4. Try exercises that make your balance better to avoid falling.
  5. Always start slow and finish slow to dodge injuries.

Men over 40 can keep fit with special exercises. Building Safety Month helps remember to look after our safety and health. Use this time to find tips for a better and safer life.

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Safety Resources and Information

  • Emergency preparedness tips for your home and family
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  • Personal safety techniques for everyday life
  • Information on neighborhood watch programs
  • Resources for reporting suspicious activity

Hepatitis C Community Educational Forum

The City of West Hollywood is having a free Hepatitis C Community Educational Forum. It’s to tell people about the more Hepatitis C cases in Los Angeles County. They want to give important info and help to the community. This is so people can learn more about Hepatitis C and what it means for their health.

At the forum, doctors and health experts will talk. They will cover how to stop Hepatitis C, what treatments are out there, and the support available. By going, you get to learn and make smarter choices for your health.

At the event, you can meet and ask questions to Hepatitis C experts. They will explain a lot about this health issue. This way, you will really understand what’s going on.

The forum will also talk about workouts and programs for men over 40. Being fit is very important, especially if you have Hepatitis C.

This Hepatitis C Community Educational Forum helps in many ways. Besides learning important things, you get to meet a community that supports each other. You can share stories and advice. It’s a place where you feel you belong and are encouraged to take care of your health.

This event is a great chance to learn about Hepatitis C and staying fit. You will gain knowledge and connect with real experts. They will give you what you need to live well, even with Hepatitis C.


Wesley Vissers’ Top 3 Bicep Exercises

If you want bigger and stronger biceps, pick the right exercises. Wesley Vissers, a top bodybuilder, suggests his best three. These are good for men over 40 looking to keep fit.

Biceps Cable Curl


Biceps Cable Curl is great for your arm muscles. It uses a cable machine. This keeps your biceps working hard throughout the exercise.

  1. Attach a straight bar or rope handle to the cable’s low pulley.
  2. Stand with feet apart and grab the handle underhand.
  3. Keep your elbows in front and your abs tight.
  4. Curl the handle toward your shoulders without moving your upper arms.
  5. Hold for a moment, then lower the handle slowly.

Do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. Always focus on how you move.

Concentration Curl

The Concentration Curl makes your biceps stand out. Follow these steps to do it right:

  1. Sit with feet on the floor and grab a dumbbell underhand.
  2. Place your elbow on your thigh on the same side.
  3. Ensure your back is straight and core tight.
  4. Curl the dumbbell up to your shoulder while breathing out.
  5. Pause at the top, then lower the weight slowly.

Vissers suggests doing 2-3 sets of 12-15. This helps your biceps grow big and strong.

Hammer Curl


The Hammer Curl is a great change from regular curls. It works the biceps and brachialis muscle. Do it this way:

  1. Stand holding dumbbells at your sides, palms facing in.
  2. Keep your core tight and back straight.
  3. Curl the dumbbells up. Keep your underhand grip.
  4. Pause at the top, then lower the weights slowly.

Like the others, do 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. This will make your biceps stronger.

Adding these three biceps exercises to your routine can really help. Remember to use weights that match your strength. Plus, always follow the right form for the best results.

Biceps Cable Curl

Wesley Vissers really likes the Biceps Cable Curl for biceps workouts. This exercise is great for guys over 40. It targets the biceps well, helping with strength training.

The Biceps Cable Curl’s pulley height can be adjusted. This helps target the biceps more effectively, leading to better muscle growth.

Stand facing the cable machine to start. Take the handle with your palms up. Stand at a good distance and keep good posture.

Bend your elbows to lift the handle towards you. At the top, really tighten your biceps. Then, slowly lower it down without jerking.

Wesley Vissers suggests doing 12 to 20 reps, and 2 to 3 sets. This keeps your muscles working well and is safe.

Biceps Cable Curl Form Tips

  • Focus on keeping your biceps working the whole time.
  • Don’t use your body to swing the weight.
  • Think about your posture, keep your core tight and chest high.
  • Maintain control while lifting and lowering the handle.

The Biceps Cable Curl is a top choice for men over 40 wanting stronger biceps. Follow proper tips to get the most from this exercise. It will help you get stronger and grow your biceps.

Concentration Curl

The Concentration Curl is great for working your biceps. It’s loved by Arnold Schwarzenegger and many men in their 40s. It’s a key part of their workouts.

Start the Concentration Curl by sitting down. Put your feet apart and hold a dumbbell, palm up. Keep your elbow on your thigh. Then, curl the weight up slowly.

Use your muscles, not speed, to lift the weight. Squeeze your bicep at the top.

Wesley Vissers suggests doing 12-20 reps in a set. Do 2-3 sets in your workouts. And make sure to pick a weight that’s hard, but you can do it right.

This move makes your biceps strong and defined. Add it to your workout for great looking arms.

Benefits of the Concentration Curl:

  • Targets the biceps directly for maximum muscle growth
  • Improves overall arm strength and definition
  • Allows for a full range of motion, activating muscle fibers effectively
  • Helps correct muscle imbalances by performing the exercise unilaterally
  • Can be easily incorporated into any fitness regimen for mature men

The Concentration Curl is really powerful for your biceps. Put it in your workout plan for the best results. You’ll reach your fitness goals for sure.

Hammer Curl

The Hammer Curl is great for men over 40. It focuses on the brachialis, improving bicep development. Wesley Vissers, a top bodybuilder, recommends it in his workout.

To do a Hammer Curl, grab a dumbbell in each hand. Keep a neutral grip, palms facing. Curl the weights to your shoulders. This works the brachialis under your biceps. It makes your arms look better, especially for older guys.

This exercise also helps if your arms are not the same. Doing it with one arm at a time makes sure each arm works as hard. This means one arm won’t be stronger or bigger than the other.

Proper Form and Technique

To do the Hammer Curl right, here’s what to do:

  1. Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be by your sides with palms looking towards your legs.
  2. Keep your upper arms from moving. Breathe out as you bring the dumbbells to your shoulders.
  3. At the top, squeeze your biceps. Then, breathe in as you lower the weights slowly.
  4. Do this for the number of times you decided on. Repeat as needed.

Make sure to move your arms fully each time. Stretch your arms out all the way down. And at the top, really tense your biceps. This makes every rep count for your muscles.

Sets and Repetitions

For guys over 40, Wesley Vissers suggests 2-3 sets of 12-20 curls. This range is good for getting stronger and growing muscles. Always focus on doing the curls right.

Pick a weight that’s hard but you can still do right. Start light if you need to. Then, as you get better and stronger, you can make it heavier.

The Hammer Curl is a key part of a workout for men over 40. It does a lot for your biceps. By working the brachialis and fixing arm differences, your arms will look great. Talk to a pro to set up the best plan for you.

Vissers’ Biceps Training Tips

Wesley Vissers gives top tips for bigger biceps. For men in their 40s, here’s what to do:

  1. Warm up with back exercises: Start with back exercises before bicep training. This warms up your upper body and makes your biceps work better.
  2. Train at an extended muscle length: Make your biceps work hard by training them fully. For example, when doing curls, stretch your arms and use the full motion.
  3. Increase training frequency: Train your biceps two to three times a week. Make sure to rest between sessions for better results.
  4. Target both heads of the biceps: Work both bicep heads for even growth. Use curls like hammer curls or preacher curls in your routine.
  5. Emphasize proper form: Use good form to work your biceps well and avoid injuries. Stand tall, don’t swing your arms, and squeeze your biceps all through the move.

Follow these tips for better bicep workouts in your 40s. Strong, defined arms come with hard work and staying focused.


Adding health and wellness plans for men over 40 makes you feel alive again. It boosts your fitness level. Whether you love big contests or prefer a customized workout routines for older males, being active is crucial.

Work with fitness experts to make a workout plan that’s just for you. They’ll give you great tips. And they’ll make sure your exercises are both safe and helpful.

Age is just a number. It’s always the right time to focus on your health. With the right workout, you can get stronger and have more energy. This leads to a happier, more active life.

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